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Last spring, I was invited to go to Philadelphia and participate in a “real estate bubble” discussion on Ch 8′s “Money Matters Today.” Television reporters, newspapers, and media hype love scaring you to grab your attention. On the TV show, I defended the real estate market.What’s behind all this bubble talk?Before you give any substance to warnings about a “real estate bubble,” look closely at the source. Many stock brokers jump on the bandwagon of real estate doom to get investors back into the stock market. Also, many negative reports originate from mortgage lenders who want to keep the mortgage insurance rates high and keep the insurance premiums coming in for loans on houses that have appreciated.So, what happened to the real estate bubble in 2005?I can’t speak for all investors. If my family had been scared into discounting our investments, selling out, and not buying more property in 2005, we would have lost a million dollars. We bought and held houses. All of our property increased by 20% – 35% and the ones we fixed increased in value even more. In particular, for one home we paid $120,000 and spent $10,000 in repairs – within the year it appraised for $325,000.Who profits from the real estate bubble?Besides media scaremongers, mortgage insurance providers, and stock brokers, real estate investors make even more money. What’s that? How do real estate investors make money from the real estate bubble? They take advantage of desperate home sellers scared by the media.This week, we bought an investment property that the home seller, in the midst of a divorce, discounted for a quick sale. The $340,000 property appraised for fifty thousand more than the purchase price. Now, we could quick sale the property for fast cash, but we’re in for the long haul. The property has great development potential. So, we’ll let the tenants pay for the mortgage and maybe tear the small house down in a few years. A half acre, one lot away from a future marina near new condos, has many possibilities.Keep the bubble talk. People always need housing. The more you hear about the pending burst, the more money real estate investors CAN make.Copyright © 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher

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Las Vegas is a great place to live whether you are running a business, looking for a new home or would like to diversify and increase your investment portfolio and personal financial holdings. The Las Vegas Real Estate Market is an excellent opportunity to quite literally make all of your goals come true. Las Vegas Real Estate Clubs are created specifically to help you to capitalize on the many different aspects of Investing in Real Estate whether for personal, commercial or investment properties.During these difficult economic times, people are often looking for new and improved ways to increase their investments. According to one recent story in the Las Vegas Review Journal “Home sales are showing steady growth in Southern Nevada as savvy buyers snap up some of the best deals in 15 years, many of them foreclosures that resulted from the subprime mortgage crisis and ensuing economic recession.”The key to successful Real Estate Investing is in knowing whom to talk to, when to talk to them and what to look for. These clubs provides the means and opportunities for people just like you to get together with investors, brokers and anybody else who may be interested in Las Vegas real estate investments for personal or professional gains.Many people have recently seen massive losses in their investment portfolios. The stock market is consistently inconsistent these days and people who have been relying on 401ks’ or other retirement investment accounts have suffered some severe financial losses. If you have not been getting great returns on your financial investments, perhaps it is time to look into a different market in order to not only begin showing some positive financial returns but to offer you long term gains on top of immediate returns on investments.Real Estate has long been a viable investment opportunity. Whether you are purchasing your primary residence or looking for commercial or other investment properties, you can earn substantial financial gains but you need to know what to look for, when to look and even where to look fin order to maximize your earnings potential.One of the most prevalent reasons for becoming a member of a these clubs is being able to talk to other investors, speak directly with brokers, real estate agents and experts in their respective fields, attending Real Estate Investment Workshops, and always having a bird’s eye view of the current housing market.Any situation is going to be made increasingly easy and profitable when you have an entire field of experts within the industry getting together and sharing ideas and information. The same holds true with Real Estate but that does not mean that your benefits will end there. Many profitable businesses and partnerships have been formed with much less in the past.Being a member will help you to meet like-minded people that may actually be willing to help you increase your holdings and your financial portfolios in ways you never dreamt possible before. What happens when you put groups of investors together and throw in a burgeoning commercial real estate market? The possibilities really are limitless.